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C9 Sweet Chic
Sire: Top Caliber
Dam: Rialto Chic ST
Horns: 67.5" ttt on 03/06/16
Bow Hunter bull calf
exposed back
Consigned to Colorado Select Sale in August

C9 Gold Rush
DOB: 10/16/10
Sire: Chuckwagon
Dam: Cabela
Horns: 58.5" - 11/28/14

Sold: Ray Williams - RJK Longhorns.
 Thank you!


Two Medicine 11/10
DOB: 05/17/11
Sire: Sittin Bull
Dam: JR Hillbilly
Breeder: Chancey
Horns: 48.25" on 11/28/14
Exposed to Bowhunter. Really outproduces her self.

Consigned to B&C Sale March 28, 2015


RML Grande Loco
May 2012 bull
Sire: Grande Safari Chex (JP Rio Grande X Night Safari)
Dam: RHF Awesome Maurena (Awesome Viagra & Phenomenal Abigail
Horns: 62" ttt

Sold: Thank you Joe Sedlacek - Lazy J Longhorns


SO Four Eyes deceased 12/9/13


Allen's Top Lady 332
DOB: 02/18/10
Sire: Top Caliber
Dam: J's Lady Belle
Sold to: Brock Murphy of Just a Little Bull Cattle Company. Thank you Brock!


WSR Redstone
DOB: 06/17/09
Sire: Top Caliber (>80"ttt)
Dam: Awesome Xena (grandsire GF Heavy Hitter >80"ttt)
Sold to Brock Murphy of Just a Little Bull Cattle Co. thank 
you Brock!


RJL Diamond Jim
DOB: 01/09/11
Sire: Chuckwagon
Dam: Diamond Lite (HCR X Diamond Dust)
Horns: 66" on 09/29/13 

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