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Mature Cows


7LS Miss Mikey
DOB: 12/26/06
Sire: Iron Mike ST
Dam: 7LS Buckskin Baby (Sundance Kid)
04/30/17 -  68.5" ttt

Gold paint Bowhunter bull calf for 2018

For Sale: $3500

Caliber's Bling Bling
Sire: Top Caliber
Dam: Paris France

Lazy J Bowhunter's dam. Our herd Matriarch 

Just A Swingin
DOB: 04/09/07
Sire: Top Caliber
Dam: Swingin Easy (Shadow x Daddys Money)


JCC Cashette
DOB: 03/23/08
Sire: JBR Cash
Dam: Easter Bunny BL
Horns: 77.375" ttt 04/30/17
Bred to Bowhunter for 2018


Shamrock Beach Baby
DOB: 07/20/09
Sire: Sittin Bull
Dam: JC's Dream Maker (Amigo Chex x Nico Legacy)
Horns: 69.5" ttt on 04/30/17
 black paint Bowhunter heifer 3/24/18

For Sale: $4500



D/O Sitting Sun
DOB: 04/20/10
Sire: Sittin Bull
Dam: D/O Kansas Sunflower
Horns: 65.25"

Lot 72 2018 B&C Sale
2nd period to TCC Kiss To Win


WSR Sweetgrass
DOB: 03/14/10
Sire: CCC Sue-perior
Dam: Warpaint's Sunny D
Breeder: Bill & Michelle Smith
Horns: 71" ttt on 03/06/16

red roan Bowhunter bull calf for 2018



Red Hot
DOB: 02/07/10
Sire: Chuckwagon
Dam: Maddi
Full sister to Shaye (>80"ttt)
Horns: 68.25" ttt on 10/30/16

red lineback 2018 heifer by TCC Kiss To Win


Tia Juana
DOB: 01/09/11
Sire: Chuckwagon
Dam: Tijuana Taxi (HCR x Tumbleweed)

Bred to Bowhunter for 2018


CO Sittin Pretty
DOB: 08/26/11
Sire: Jack Sparrow (Sittin Bull)
Dam: TC Richie Wilma ( Grand Slam & Roundup)
Horns: 71.5"


RHL Butterfly
DOB: 04/06/12
Sire: The Real McCoy (Top Caliber x Smoky Moon)
Dam: Buttercream (Chuckwagon x Crock)
Horns: 69" ttt

Exposed to TCC Kiss To Win for 2018


RJL Goldmine
DOB: 07/30/12
Sire: Trail Dust 40
Dam: 585 Gold Nuggett
Horns: 67.5" on 10/25/16
Bred: Bowhunter

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