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Young Cows


Top Sail Sally 
DOB: 02/21/14
Sire: Top Score (Top Caliber)
Dam:Allens 394
Bred to Bowhunter
Horns: 61" ttt - 04/28/18

red & white Bowhunter heifer 2018

For Sale: $3500


WSR Red Hot Bow
DOB: 03/08/14
Sire: Lazy J's Bowhunter
Dam: Red Hot (Chuckwagon x Maddi)
Horns: 57.5" on 04/30/16
Bred to TCC Kiss To Win for 2018

For Sale: $5500


JLBCC Brown Sugar
DOB: 03/19/14
Sire: Lazy J Bowhunter
Dam: WSR Redstone (Top Caliber)
Horns: 60" 04/29/18
Exposed to Bowhunter for 2018


WSR Copper Bow
DOB: 04/02/14
Sire: Lazy J Bowhunter
Dam: 7LS Copper Sister (Iron Mike x Brindlemax)
Horns: 49"ttt 04/28/18


Hunts Miss Bold Respect
DOB: 04/15/14
Sire: Hunts Command Respect
Dam: Hunts HCR Bold Respect
Horns: 55.5" on 04/24/18
Bred to TCC Kiss To Win for 2019


WSR Medicine Bow
DOB: 04/21/14
Sire: Lazy J's Bowhunter
Dam: Kaylee (HCR x Kay Lynn by Chuckwagon)
Horns: 51" on 04/29/18

WSR Dirty Nellie

DOB: 07/15/14
Sire: Woodrow ST (Cowboy Chex x Haystack)
Dam: 7LS Ghostie (Double bred Iron Mike)
Horns: 66.5"ttt 03/24/18


WSR Sunny Bow
DOB: 08/20/14
Sire: Lazy J Bowhunter
Dam: WSR Sweetgrass (Warpaints Sunny D)
Horns: 61.5" 03/24/18


Sittin Magic
DOB: 08/25/14
Sire: Sittin Bull
Dam: Magic 14 (HCR x Maddi)
Horns: 54" ttt - 04/24/18
 Bow Hunter heifer - 03/18


T Bar Imperial
DOB: 09/21/14
Sire: RML Lone Star (Tejas Star x Rio Grande daughter)
Dam:T Bar W Imperial Topaz
Horns: 58" - 04/30/17

Bred to Bowhunter for 2018

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