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2016 Heifers


RJL Top Model
Sire: The Real McCoy (TC x Smoky Moon) HCRx2
Dam: Shaye (Chuckwagon x Maddi)

Bred to Bowhunter for 2018

OHL Magnum's Rosie
DOB: 04/18/16
Sire: CV Casanovas Magnum 
Dam: OHL Bernadette (HCR)

WSR Faded Love
DOB: 06/30/16
Sire: LAR Tuff Snuff 2413 (Cowboy Tuff Chex)
Dam: KC Faye. (HCR x2)

WSR Miss Liberty
DOB: 07/04/16
Sire: LAR Tuff Enuff 2413 (Cowboy Tuff Chex)
Dam: WSR Medicine Bow (Bowhunter)

HIL 5 Smoke Screen
DOB: 07/26/16
Sire: Smoke Dust (Trail Dust(
Dam: Tia Juana (Chuck Wagon x Tijuana Taxi)

Exposed to Bowhunter for 2018

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